Friday, July 13, 2018

Join Us for and Action Packed, Fun Filled Overnight Getaway!

Not only will we visit the Smithsonian National African American History Museum, we have included the following activities:
-A Stop at the Casino
-Dinner with Live Entertainment and DJ
-Comedy Show
-Dance Party

This is an event that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

Call today to reserve your spot as seats will fill up quickly.

Click the link below to make a deposit. Click Option 2 and use TRIPCODE KEN000209

Monday, July 2, 2018

Happy July! Events for your enjoyment in the Philadelphia Area this month!

Event Planning. 
Two little words.
But the task of an effective Event Planner is multi-faceted.
No matter the size of your event, there are details that need to be in tact so that the event flows smoothly. 

I recently attended a very nice event.  The venue was great.  The speakers were good.  The topics were varied.  There were vendors and free head shots.
Sounds great right?  It was!  But why was there not a better turn out? 
Maybe an experienced Event Planner could have helped.

People plan all types of events.  Galas, Networking, Concerts etc.  They get great venues and headliners.  Then when it comes to those little important details, those two little words come to mind.
“Event Planner.”

Your Event Planner’s responsibility is to handle all of that.  Including but not limited to:
  • ·         Getting Sponsors
  • ·         Promotions and Advertising (Press Releases, Media outlet exposure, etc.)
  • ·         Guest lists, seating arrangement, programs, name tags etc.
  • ·         Catering needs
  • ·         Getting Parking Discounts (if needed)

So, when you are planning your next event, please keep us in mind!
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